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UPRISING - an original drama by Ad Astra Theatre Troupe

Saratoga Springs HS
Friday, June 8th > 7 pm
Saturday, June 9th > 7 pm
Sunday, June 10th > 2 pm

Ad Astra Theatre Troupe is an impressive non-profit student-run performance company focusing on spreading education, confidence, and a sense of community through the arts.

UPRISING:  Few Americans know about what life was like during the Nazi occupation of Poland in WWII. While there is some common understanding about the genocide of the Jews during the Holocaust, a full 30% of the Polish population was lost. Many young Polish people were rounded up, deported, and forced to work in Nazi factories and agriculture. In addition to providing a history lesson, the play helps the audience understand what regular people under Nazi occupation experienced in WWII. In particular, the play focuses on the Warsaw Uprising, when the citizens of Warsaw successfully drove the Nazis from the city and held out under siege for 63 days. Although the city ultimately fell, this respite, after years of foreign occupation, gave Poles a taste of freedom and represented the triumph of the human spirit over the worst forms of oppression. UPRISING is about how life can be beautiful even in the darkest of times.

"Ad Astra is all about empowering local teenagers to make a meaningful contribution to their community through the arts.  Our choice of subject matter is important because it is all about how young people, many of them teenage women, contributed to an important chapter in history. We hope that our production will inspire young people who are part of the project and part of the audience to understand their potential to make the world a better place."

Please visit Ad Astra Theatre Troupe's GoFundMe page and help this inspiring youth group manifest their next production!  Remember to LIKE their FB page, too!!  We'll see you at UPRISING in June!